Bath House Bergamot & Amber Beard Oil 30ml
Bath House Bergamot & Amber Beard Oil 30ml

Bath House Bergamot & Amber Beard Oil 30ml

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This 100% natural beard oil is ideal for daily grooming and conditioning.
As well as leaving the beard looking and feeling soft, non-greasy and neatly styled, this oil also benefits the skin by reducing irritation and providing moisture, without blocking pores. The natural scent of the oils combine to leave the beard scented with a citrus fresh fragrance.

100% Natural Ingredients Essential Oil Blend Vegan
- Argan oil, a natural skin and hair conditioner.
– Grape seed oil, vitamin and mineral-rich, helps to lock moisture into hair.
– Sweet Almond oil, to nourish skin and improve the strength of hair.
– Bergamot fruit oil, helps to balance skin tone.
– Bay Leaf extract, antibacterial and therapeutic properties.
– Orange fruit oil, protects hair and seals in moisture.
– Myrrh oil, revitalising and toning, believed to contain anti-aging properties.
– Vitamin E, hydrates and protects.

How to Recycle –

Glass Bottle, empty and clean before placing in your household recycling.
Glass Pipette, this can be washed and reused many times. It is non-recyclable, please place in normal household waste.