Bath House

Bath House

Makers of artisan fragrances and natural skincare created from the heart and made with a conscience.

First meeting at art college Abigail, Nigel, Pauline, Glyn & Garethand became friends sharing a love of the art, design and the British landscape and later settled in the Lake District. In 1997 they came together to create the Bath House, making fragrance and natural skincare.

In 2007, they moved towards producing their products themselves in small artisan batches. This way, they could ensure consistent quality, maximize freshness of the natural extracts, plant oils and butters that are sealed into every bottle and jar.

By 2017 they carefully redesigned their packaging,  embracing a more minimalistic, durable and functional style, using recyclable materials, primarily to be refilled and reused time and time again.

Every decision made, stems from their commitment to furthering the sustainable practices of the Bath House brand in order to preserve and protect the environment for the future.