Bon Parfumeur 02 Home Fragrance Diffuser : coriander seed, honey and tobacco leaf
Bon Parfumeur 02 Home Fragrance Diffuser : coriander seed, honey and tobacco leaf

Bon Parfumeur 02 Home Fragrance Diffuser : coriander seed, honey and tobacco leaf

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Lively basil and the green notes of fig leaves crumpled between your fingers awaken the sweetness of Brazilian orange. Camphoric blue eucalyptus then wafts over mint leaves. The warm facets of cloves and vanilla mingle to create an ever-so gentle effect. 

PS: In antiquity, a drink containing mint assured the drinker that there was an afterlife.


What does basil smell like?

A Mediterranean village warmed by the sun’s rays, where a pasta dish made with green pesto awaits. We all picture something similar to this idyllic image whenever we hear the name of this aromatic herb: basil. It has a fresh, green, herbal, spicy, aniseed aroma and is often used in colognes and citrus notes. Basil essential oil is produced in the south of France or in Madagascar by distilling the leaves and stems. Basil is a mystical plant! In India, every Vishnuite household has a jar of basil in its window to bring luck, and in some regions of Africa, it is used to ward off bad luck.


Why do we love fig leaf so much?

It reminds us all of vacations. Who hasn’t crumpled a fresh fig leaf between their fingers and then brought its scent to their nose? A true delight! The fruit of the fig doesn’t yield an essential oil. The leaves are often used by perfumers for their green and woody notes with potent accents of fig, which give the composition a very natural and authentic effect.


How is mint used in perfumery?

Mint has many beneficial properties and has always been widely appreciated and used. Greek women and athletes would rub their arms with mint essences to scent themselves with it. Today, mint is very on-trend and adds great power and an invigorating freshness. It’s also a reassuring smell that reminds us of childhood memories, pinched pieces of chlorophyll chewing gum, or the smell of the older kids’ toothpaste.


Want to hear a quick story?

In Greek mythology, Hades, the god of the underworld, fell in love with the naiad Minthe. His jealous wife Proserpina turned her into a plant.


How to use your diffuser?

Allow 24 – 36 hours for the fragrance to diffuse. To improve the diffusion regularly turn the sticks. It is up to you to choose the number of sticks you wish to use. The more sticks you use, the stronger and faster the diffusion. Once finished, don’t throw it away! The glass of the candles and diffuser flasks is recyclable. Bottles will become pretty vases for flowers. A great way to give a second life to these products.


The plastic hunt is on!

We avoid cellophane as much as possible. The cardboard packaging of our diffusers and candles has been carefully chosen because of its dirt-resistant quality. The packaging won’t require an extra layer of plastic film to protect the boxes.




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